Industrial Modem
H7710 4G Internal Modem
  • Support IEC101, 104 protocol transmission
  • Independent service channel and management channel
  • Embedded design with low power consumption
  • Comply with EMC, CCC standards
Product Introduction
H7710 4G internal modem is an industrial-grade data transmission terminal, mainly used in the electric industry. It supports GPSR/GSM/WCDMA/LTE/NSA/SA power private network, providingstandard RS232 interfaces. It also supports GPS/BD positioning function which sets up a wireless communication link for customer devices and data service center (platform).
4G/3G/2G, 5G optional
Antenna Interface IPX SIM 1.8V/3.0V
Serial Port RS232 9 Pin terminal 2.5mm
Button Reset RJ45 LAN, 10/100Mbps adaptive
Power supply
Operating voltage +9V~+36V DC
Power consumption
Standby Power Consumption Approx. 20mA@24V DC
Operating Power Consumption Approx. 50mA@24V DC
Maximum Power Consumption Approx. 80mA@24V DC
Weight Approx.60g
Size 65mm×65mm×21mm
Storage temperature -40~+85ºC
Expanding temperature -40~+80ºC
Operating temperature -40~+70ºC
File Name
Hongdian Datasheet-H7710 4G Internal Modem-2023V1.0
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