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The power grid distribution network used in the power system can connect to users and distributes electric energy to users directly, and is an important link in the power system as well as power transmission and transformation. It is closely related to production and life. With the development of the economy and society, the number of power distribution houses is increasing. The distribution range is wider, and the operating environment is complex and diverse. Power grid construction is complicated , and all kinds of new and old equipment are mixed in it. Time span for construction is large. Many power grid structures no longer match needs of today's social development, but the cost of power grid transformation is huge. Therefore, effective management and control of them has become increasingly important. Hongdian has a rich experience in power industry. After in-depth exploration, Hongdian launched the distribution Intelligence solution. With power sensor acquisition data, transferred to Hongdian X2 Gateway, the ubiquitous distribution network can focus on monitoring room in real time.


The construction of power grid is complicated and the time span on it is long because all kinds of new and old equipment are mixed in it. Many power grid structures are no longer match the need for the development of today’s society, but the transformation cost of power grid is huge. While there is a natural disasters and other accidents, the normal operation of optical fiber cables will be seriously threatened. There will be line interruption, and repair work is also extremely difficult and time-consuming, which will seriously affect the safety of the power grid and the normal operation of the equipment. At its source, improving the quality of electricity today is, a combination of grid modification and new grid construction. For the power grid construction, we should carry out reasonable plan firstly, and use the most advanced science and technology to push the network construction of power distribution automation.


Hongdian X2 4G/5G router provides wireless network, and the application case of 4G/5G network has characteristic like wide coverage, convenient maintenance, low investment, high bandwidth, etc. Distribution network, especially in rural power grid, coverage is wide and the environment is complex. If wired communication is used for high construction costs and inconvenient maintenance, it will be a trend for power distribution automation to use wireless network communication. The power supply, transmission, and distribution equipment is connected through the wireless transmission terminal of the X2 4G/5G router with DTU serial port. The staff of the monitoring center can check the operation of each equipment in real time. If there is equipment failure, they can immediately identify the point of failure and send a technician to the point of failure to check.

Multi-link & Link Backup
X2 supports 4G/5G, multi-gateway access, and supports multiple smart backup modes to ensure stable internet access.
Easy to Manage
The online monitoring technology of transmission lines monitors the equipment status in real time without being restricted by the equipment operation, and can detect the equipment operation status at any time. Once the equipment has defects, it can be found, tracked, detected, and dealt with, which is more meaningful to ensure the safety of the power grid.
Industrial Design
Hongdian X2 has undergone strict tests on insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference, electrostatic discharge interference, high and low temperature, radio frequency radiation electromagnetic fields, and power frequency magnetic fields.
Easy for Maintenance
Determine the content and time of the maintenance project according to the development and change of the data, and the maintenance purpose is clear and targeted.
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