Networking Solution of Ambulance

With unprecedented demands on emergency services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for delivering high-quality healthcare is now more critical than ever. In emergency conditions, each and every second is crucial in saving a human’s life. The success of the emergency treatment is greatly influenced by the time, availability and accuracy of contextual information given during the emergency calls and ambulance transportation. Therefore, the provision of proper and timely treatment at the first scene, and the collection of accurate patient vital signs are required to improve the possibility of successful emergency rescue.

Special ambulances are limited by 4G transmission bandwidth and cannot support real-time transmission of high-definition video, which greatly affects the effectiveness and real-time performance of medical diagnosis. The data of each medical equipment system is independent, and it is impossible to upload and share data to the platform and APP in real time.

The ambulance is equipped with Hongdian Z1 5G CPE, which uploads the vehicle-mounted individual equipment, video surveillance equipment, medical equipment and other data to the hospital through Z1, and the hospital judges the current state of the patient through the return data, and prepares targeted treatment plans in advance. Utilizing the high-bandwidth access provided by Z1, various medical devices can be quickly connected to wireless networking, mobile deployment, medical diagnosis results, images, electronic medical records and other data are transmitted to the platform and APP in real time, realizing medical data sharing and easy implementation remote mobile consultation, auxiliary analysis, and coordinated treatment to improve the ability and operating efficiency of the emergency system.

Data transmit directly from device to hospital database

4K/8K live streaming

Real-time communication with emergency experts

GNSS positioning for smart navigation

Synchronize with smart city ITS

Cooperate with drones for medication deliveries
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