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With the development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has been prosperous. In order to ensure that the logistics operation capacity is improved in a limited space, various logistics companies upgrade the speed and quality of the most complex sorting links, and invest in a set of storage equipment. Automated equipment for outbound, sorting, and automatic transportation in the field, and in this automated equipment, AGV intelligent handling is dominant. AGV can ensure that the system can drive automatically without manual navigation. It can be flexibly configured according to the storage space requirements, production process, etc., without the need to lay rails, support frames and other fixed devices , has the advantages of not being restricted by venues, roads and space, and has shown its skills in the production line of the manufacturing industry. In China, large Internet companies such as, Cainiao, Baidu, and Meituan are actively promoting the technology of intelligent unmanned logistics vehicles.

At present, the main applications of logistics unmanned vehicles are In express delivery, semi-closed roads in the park, logistics and transportation, and smart unmanned retail industries. The AGV logistics trolley needs to maintain a real-time connection with the platform to ensure real-time data transmission, and receive instructions issued by the platform to avoid accidents during the movement of the trolley. In addition, the AGV car intelligent control system needs to be upgraded locally from time to time. The traditional wired deployment has a high cost of construction and maintenance and a long deployment cycle. For this reason, Hongdian provides an intelligent logistics unmanned vehicle interconnection solution.

The intelligent logistics unmanned vehicle interconnection program is mainly composed of three parts: AGV logistics vehicle, data transmission, and operation management platform. The main structure of AGV includes: control unit + motorized motor controller, drive unit, obstacle sensor, magnetic navigation sensor, collision avoidance Mechanisms, buzzers + alarm lights, cameras, GPS positioning systems, etc.; in terms of data transmission, through the industrial intelligent IoT gateway provided by Hongdian, connect the navigation positioning system and drive control system to realize the data interaction between the car and the management platform, and Continuously transmit the video image information of the unmanned logistics vehicle movement trajectory such as the road conditions and location of the AGV work site to the cloud in real time for processing and analysis. At the same time, the operation management platform can realize remote management and control of the VGA trolley and operation and maintenance monitoring.

Real-time Monitoring
4G real-time stable and reliable upload of operating data, wired/wireless backup for each other.
Strong Edge Computing Capability
Powerful data collection capabilities and computing capabilities.
Stable and Reliable
High hardware reliability and strong scalability.
Cloud Management
Cloud platform remote operation and maintenance, reducing operation and maintenance costs.
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