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In recent years, along with the development of electronic commerce, express delivery industry has entered a boom period. Due to the IoT technology in the application of modern logistics industry, the application of intelligent express box as e-commerce logistics the last kilometer of the most effective solution has been widely recognized and promoted, and gradually realize the artificial receiving forms of automation, automatic sending, receiving express packages, and remote query control.

More and more online shopping brings massive orders to the express industry, which also aggravates the pressure on the delivery of the courier. On the other hand, when the express delivery is delivered, the recipient is often not at home or company. Secondly, delivery not only affects work efficiency and increases costs, but also leaves poor service experience for recipients. It is an effective way to solve the bottleneck of the development of e-commerce , to gradually implement the transformation from manual delivery to automatic operation, and to realize the automatic sending and receiving of express parcels and remote query and control.

With 4G/5G industrial-grade router and M2M cloud management platform, Hongdian provides one-stop solutions for intelligent express boxes for industrial customers, completely solving the "last kilometer" wireless networking and remote terminal management problems of logistics. Intelligent express box system consists of logistics delivery box, 4G/5G router and M2M cloud management platform of three parts. Among them, logistics delivery box including read-write controller, electronic lock, and storage cabinet, people can use the password provided by the courier company at any time to takeout the parcel from the box. People can also send the parcel waiting for the salesman to take away to express box. Hongdian 4G/5G router provides self-help express cabinet wireless networking management system to establish a high speed, stable network and data transmission channel. All information is for enterprises to analyze business and operations transmit to companies’ backstage. The operating enterprise through the M2M cloud management platform achieve delivery box terminal of scattered in different locations to run the unified state regulation and effectively reduce the operational cost of the enterprise.

For residents
1. Safe, reliable, and intelligent express storage.
2. 24 hours self-service, pick up at any time, improve life efficiency.
3. Simple and easy-to-use self-help experience.
4. Effectively protect residents' privacy and improve the quality of life.
For express delivery
1. No need to wait and reduce unnecessary communication costs.
2. The average delivery time is short and the parcel can be delivered in one minutes.
3. Stay away from the trouble of climbing the stairs, no getting lost.
4. Centralized delivery, reduce the second time delivery.
For residential property management
1. Space-saving, reliable, quiet and tidy.
2. Avoid losing articles and reduce owner disputes.
3. Reduce accumulation and improve service quality.
4. Improve the intelligent level of the community.
For express company
1. Centralized distribution significantly improves distribution efficiency.
2. Warehouse improvement, rising labor cost and difficulty in recruiting couriers.
3. Improve profitability.
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