PoE Wireless Monitoring

Traditional monitoring mainly uses wired network or monitoring equipment with WiFi access. Due to the rapid development of society, many scenes that require video surveillance are no longer limited to designated locations. Many scenes need to be able to be quickly installed and disassembled, not affected by terrain and network cables, and have ability of mobility. Hongdian has launched a router with POE power supply function for some scenarios to solve these problems.

In many cases, it is not convenient for the installation of network cameras, power supply and wired network deployment, especially some temporary pavilions need to be installed and dismantled quickly, and some places are limited by wired network or terrain that cable can not be laid, so video surveillance cameras cannot be deployed. Many devices powered by traditional POEs will require additional backup links.The traditional POE power supply is limited by the network cable length and network deployment point, and the monitoring must be deployed within 100 meters of the POE switch.These are the challenges of the new era of video surveillance.

Hongdian launched a 4G/5G router with POE power supply function, which can provide network and power for four channels of video surveillance equipment at the same time. Wireless video surveillance equipment is not bound by cable distance and can be quickly installed and removed in any scene.It can also build a special video monitoring network to transmit video data.Traditional wired video surveillance system can also use H7960, using 4G/5G network to add backup lines, so that video surveillance is always online.

Centralized Network and Power Supply
It can provide network and power supply for 4 channels of video surveillance equipment.
Simple Connection
Based on standard POE protocol, only one cable can provide power and network at the same time.
Private Network Transmission
You can use the operator's special card private network and use H7960 to configure a dedicated APN to establish a dedicated video surveillance network belonging to the enterprise.
Hot Backup Mode
Cable network +LTE network can be used to form network links that are backup to each other, and video monitoring will never be interrupted.
Cloud Platform Management
Wedora cloud platform is provided to remotely manage Hongdian's routing products.
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