EV Charging Pile

With the developing of technology, the pollution and consumption of electric vehicles is much lower than gasoline vehicles, makes it widely welcomed by the government and individuals. Electric cars are the key point when moving towards a sustainable transport future. However, it’s not simple to reach this future as electric cars must become as convenient as the regular ones. It needs more convenient charging processes, more convenient operation processes, and easier way to find the charging stations, etc. With rich experience in the electric vehicle industry. Hongdian has made an in-depth market investigation, and provide solutions with function such as 4G/WLAN networking, remote control, VPN data encryption. Hongdian contributes to the promotion of a Green Earth.

The construction and management of charging pile facilities, as a necessary facility for electric vehicles, has a great impact on the development of new energy vehicles. Charging stations are located in different places. The remote management and monitoring of charge piles requires reliable network connection between charging station and control room. Since the function of the charging station is similar to the gas engine, the particularity of its use determines that the construction of charging station needs more construction, scattered coverage and wide communication distance, and needs to be centralized. And with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the network topology requires flexibility and scalability.

With the continuous development of IoT, the charging station can help the driver find the nearest charging station through the control center or operating one via GPS services with App. After charging is completed, the control system notifies send a text message to the driver's mobile phone to inform the customer charge finished, and the vehicle is ready.

Hongdian H8922S router provides a reliable connection between charging station and control center by 4G/5G network. It helps the user monitor each charging pile status and provide user authentication, user data transmission, and payment service via management platform or control center. Connecting to the Hongdian Wedora Cloud Platform, the user can manage router online. Optional GPS pointing data can provide location information in customer App which helps customer find the charging location easily. Connecting with Hongdian H8922S RS232, RS485, LAN interface makes charging post more smarter, and administrator can use cloud platform to manage the group of charging post.

Quick and Simple Deployment
Connect to 4G/5G network in anywhere, no need to wait for wired Internet access deployment and installation. The external antenna ensures a good signal.
Remote Monitoring
Monitor the charging pile in real time. Once a fault alarm occurs, you can remotely debugging or upgrading for maintenance, and processes the problem of abnormal charging pile terminals in time.
Industrial Design
Anti vibration and anti severe environment. Ensure transaction data security - Support VPDN, Tunnel, DMVPN, EoIP, VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN), protect user’s App data transmission security in the Internet.
Reliable and Stable
Hongdian routers support multi-link access, such as 4G/5G, WLAN and supports multiple Linkbackup modes to ensure stable access to the internet.
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