5G Edge AI and Cloud

Soluion Value

Cost Benefits
Add intelligence to existing legacy cameras and sensors with an Edge AI Box solution. Maximize investments and avoid costly upgrades and installation costs.

High Performance Machine Learning(ML) with AI Power Efficiency
Easily add ML models that run power efficiently, with the ability to run simultaneous AI models all across the cameras in same network.

Real-time Analytics and Insights
5G and AI deliver real-time insights to enable on-demand decisions by processing massive data at the source edge, saving Opex and speeding up processing.

On-Device Data Security and Privacy
Build better privacy, security, and protection for your data by processing at the edge to eliminate unauthorized external access or hacking.

Algorithm Store
Continuously updates algorithms and can seamlessly upgrade the system in the future. Test and deploy new AI applications easier and enable faster deployments.

Fexible AI power upgrade
AI BOX can also flexibly expand computing power to meet subsequent upgrade needs.

5G Edge AI and Cloud Smart Solution

Secure hardware, network and cloud with ultra-secure AI services

Solution Feature

Stable & Secure Network Connections
Support a stable and secure network connection through various means such as 4G/5G with global frequency band support, LoRa-WAN for long-range connectivity, and EdgeSIM to EdgeAI security protocols.

Diverse Interfaces for Seamless Device Integration
Multiple RS-232 and RS-485 ports, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports for peripheral connectivity, LAN and WAN Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity, and HDMI output for high-resolution display requirements.

Advanced AI Capabilities and Support 300+ Industrial Protocols
Equipped with advanced AI capabilities such as 16- channel 1080P video analysis, integration of 16 existing AI protocols, and adaptation to over 300 industrial protocols.

Enable Sophisticated Automation and Cloud-edge Collaboration
Facilitate collaboration between local AI processing and cloud platforms, enabling features like Docker, local AI and platform alarm remote collaboration, as well as local IoT and remote control collaboration.
Hongdian AI Algorithm Store

We have our own algorithm R&D team which has developed a variety of algorithms and can customize algorithms according to business scenario needs.

Hongdian Application Software Service

We have built plenty of customised software platforms for different scenarios , such assmart power distribution room, smart vehicle, etc.

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