Smart Mobile Nursing Trolley

5G mobile nursing smart trolley is one of the important solutions for intelligent medical treatment. Besides the daily ward round nursing, the solution can helps to realize mobile collection and high-speed transmission of image data and sign data, and medical staff can do the mobile HD consultation through 5G network. It can also control the medical assistance robot to move to the designated hospital bed. To complete telemedicine services on the premise of protecting the safety of medical staff. Hongdian provides a professional A50M 5G intelligent industrial gateway for mobile nursing intelligent trolley, and uses its own professional industry experience to provide stable and reliable 5G network guarantee for mobile trolley.

For a long time, in medical and nursing work, manually collecting data, printing, copying, manually checking medical data and then entering them into the system, resulting in heavy and error prone medical workload, inefficient and low-quality medical services are also easy to bring doctor-patient disputes, and many medical staff suffer under high-intensity work. Frequent contact in special wards such as radiology ward and infection ward will increase the infection risk of nursing staff. Some traditional smart trolley solutions use WiFi for network communication, which has the problems of poor network security, network instability and so on.

Mobile nursing is an internal system specially designed for inpatient wards of hospitals, providing intelligent and efficient mobile nursing information methods for nurses in each ward. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of nurses, significantly improves the work efficiency of nurses, standardizes nursing operations, returns to zero errors, and eliminates nurse-patient disputes. Using mobile terminals, nurses can collect patient vital signs in real time at the bedside, view the latest changes in medical orders in real time, and perfectly apply bar code functions to reduce error rates and improve work efficiency. The PC nurse workstation automatically generates nursing files and only needs to be printed, which greatly reduces the time for nurses to travel to and from the ward and workstation, and obtains patient data in real time to achieve accuracy. At the same time, the mobile nursing trolley equipped with A50M 5G intelligent industrial gateway can store a variety of medical equipment, medicines, etc., which is convenient for transportation, provides nurses with a more efficient and convenient working mode, and improves medical efficiency. At the same time, the medical care trolley can also place mobile ultrasound, defibrillation monitors and other equipment for mobile detection, bedside examination and vital sign data collection.


Build an ultra safe and reliable 5G wireless private network
The 5G private network solution realizes the security isolation between the medical private network and the public user network, the functions of medical business identification, and local diversion, which can well meet the hospital's demand for the performance and security of 5G medical private network.

Create an efficient and penetrating high coverage network technology scheme
It has excellent penetration and strong advantages in deep coverage scenarios. It can reduce antenna placement points, reduce air interface self-interference, improve maintenance efficiency, increase deep coverage capacity, and fundamentally achieve no blind area coverage, so as to reduce a lot of costs and improve network performance for customer hospitals in the construction of indoor private networks.

Ensure the security of medical equipment and various medical data on the cloud
The mobile nursing trolley is connected with the hospital platform software through the mobile network. Because the platform software has high requirements for network delay, the network operator selected by the supplier must adopt MEC edge computing technology, and the average delay is required to be controlled below 15ms.

High stability to ensure stable and reliable networking
It adopts the full industrial hardware platform, has strong data processing and computing capabilities, supports local data storage, analysis and decision-making, open system design, supports secondary development and third-party SDK embedding, and is convenient for users to store audio, video and operation data locally. At the same time, it supports the simultaneous access of wired, WLAN and 5G multiple networks and the backup switching of multiple networks to ensure the stable connection of the network.
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