Self-service Check Out Machines

Unmanned retail cash registers and hand-held scanners are playing an increasingly important role, especially in the current epidemic era. Self-service check out machines in unmanned supermarkets, self-service ordering machines in major restaurants and non-contact self-service devices greatly facilitate people's lives, reduce labor costs while improving the cashier's efficiency, and reduce the risk of infection caused by human contact. Hongdian provides network services for Self-service check out machines, which can be quickly deployed in projects.

Self-checkout machines are very common in shopping malls or food and beverage industry and need to be deployed in self-checkout areas at various exits. Due to the layout of the mall, adding a wired network may be troublesome, and there is no backup network when the wired network fails. Other handheld terminals also need to connect to the network through WiFi. In view of this situation, Hongdian has launched a lot of 4G/5G routers with WiFi, which solves the network problem between self-checkout machines and other handheld devices, and it can also form a backup network with the existing wired network to improve the system reliability.

By adding Hongdian cellular 4G/5G routers A50M to existing self-checkout machines, the problem of lost connections can be easily solved.It can also provide WIFI network for handheld POS machines and other wireless code scanning devices in shopping malls.Once it detects a wired WAN loss or outage, it automatically switches to 4G LTE as an Internet source, providing continuous Internet service to connected devices.

Easy to Deploy
Hongdian 4G/5G routers are fast to deploy and easy to use, which means that even inexperienced integrator or enterprise owners can implement this backup solution.
Hongdian 4G/5G routers can provide concurrent Wi-Fi services for multiple devices, supporting multiple extension protocols.
Establish a secure and encrypted connection with the data center platform through the embedded firewall and multiple VPN services.
With wired WAN and 4G/5G supporting each other, businesses can have complete control over their connections, which means very little investment.
Hongdian routers have a dual SIM failover function, which means that if the mobile data connection is lost, the device can automatically switch to the backup operator.
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