Elevator Monitoring

Elevator plays an irreplaceable role in modern production and daily life. While it brings an efficient service, it is inevitable to encounter a series of unexpected problems during the elevator running like door pinch, person stuck in the elevator, which poses a great threat to the personal safety. People never wants to be involved in an elevator emergency. There should be a way to prevent the disaster and for people to call for help in case the emergency happened. Hongdian smart elevator solution provides a new way to solve the problem. It can secure the passengers’ safety, provide emergency call and also marketing with elevator advertising. With the Hongdian solution, our clients can increase the product competitiveness , improve the safety and provide better feeling for the passengers.

During the operation of elevator, there are a series of potential safety problems needs to be solved urgently:
1. Maintenance personnel becoming less while the number of elevator is increasing. Sometimes, they cannot be onsite in time when there is any elevator faults.
2. Lacking of effective communication tools in the elevator, the maintenance department can not understand the status of the fault and provide necessary comfort, which makes the trapped people bear great physical and mental pressure.
3.The record and monitoring data of the elevator daily operation cannot be provided in time, which increases the difficulty of analysis and troubleshooting, and greatly prolongs the maintenance time.

In order to make the operation and management of elevators more reasonable, standardized and scientific, Hongdian adopts audio and video control technology, industrial automatic control technology and wireless transmission technology. The elevator safety operation monitoring system is developed and applied to track elevator operation status, analyze elevator operation data, alarm signal transmission, real-time video surveillance image transmission, audio and video intercom. It realizes computer remote centralized monitoring and management of elevators, solving the loopholes in elevator safety management, reducing the difficulty of elevator maintenance, reducing the occurrence of elevator accidents and maintain the reputation of the management unit in the hearts of users effectively. The lift operating company could detective and solve the failure immediately with the emergency phone, control screens, smoke detection systems and IP camera.All this safety equipment can connected to Hongdian H7960 Router via RS232, RS485 or LAN. In order to ensure network stability, it is equipped with dual sim card and external high-sensitivity antenna to ensure that the elevator shaft can still be connected to the network operator's 4G/5G base station stably. Also H7960 provides a variety of Link-Backup to ensure network reliability.

High Response Efficiency
By changing the existing supervision and management mode, improving the elevator safety information management level, it is helpful to establish the faster emergency response system of elevator safety.
Multi-link Backup
H7960 supports multi-link access like 4G/5G, WAN, WLAN(Station mode), and supports multiple linkbackup modes to ensure reliable and stable access to the internet.
Safety Guarantee
Providing wireless communication services for elevator fault prediction, early warning, elevator fault automatic alarm, accident rescue and emergency linkage, reducing the incidence of elevators, improving security, reducing the elevator fault processing time, to achieve rapid fault processing.
Rich Interfaces and Protocols
H7960 is compatible with the device interface according to the user's equipment requirements and its compatibility protocol.
High Product Competitiveness
Improving the safety of the elevator, improving the efficiency of troubleshooting, increasing the selling point of the elevator and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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