Highway Tunnel Surveillance and Controller

In modern times, highway are one of the most important way of traffic. Unlike open highways, tunnels require special attention to maintain safety under normal and abnormal traffic conditions. Most modern tunnels, including their approach roads, require a centralized control system to meet these goals. The Highway tunnel surveillance and control system is one of the best options for controlling ever-increasing road traffic, the continuing increase in traffic volumes also coupled with the growing mobility demands. At the same time, it also needs to take the burden off inner-city streets that are also shifting the focus towards tunnel management system because these systems meet particularly high requirements that support for complete road safety. On the other hand, it protects both the users and the investment. Although for now, traditional users integrate the system base on fiber due to some reasons. But as a second choice, for many cases, the best option for internet connection will be 5G wireless connection. Hongdian providing industrial 5G gateway which gives the best choice for users.

It is a costly way of deploying fiber cable as internet access solution for HTS CS. It is also hard to deploy and need long time to resume connection if cable connection appears problem. And maintenance cost is high accordingly. In some cases, it is not necessary to deploy a big system, and other solution for internet would be better than fiber.

Hongdian X2 gateway with industrial design, provides 5G connection for high definition CCTV data transmission instead of cable connection. It provides dual SIM dual ISP network failover to guarantee network connection; DIN-rail mounted industrial design; I/O ports to connect to PLC for signal controlling and serial ports connect to measurement devices, which provides same network connectivity but much more advantage than fiber solution.

Economic and Practical
Much lower cost, easier deploy and maintenance comparing to cable/fiber internet connection.
Stable Network Guarantee
Dual ISP failover double guarantee internet connection.
Reliability Guarantee
The industrial design guarantees long service life and extreme reliability in industrial conditions by featuring the highest level of electromagnetic compatibility, operating temperatures at -30 ~ 75℃, IP30 protection class for reliability and stability in harsh environments.
Fluent Network Guarantee
High-bandwidth 5G networks and QoS features support the transmission of video, status monitoring, voice and other forms of monitoring data.
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