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In recent years, with the rapid increase of the number of smart phones, there is an increasing demand for the Internet in our daily life, which requires surfing the Internet when traveling.In some underdeveloped countries;The cost of Internet traffic is high, and it is necessary to deploy mobile networks on buses and in some public places. With the increasing demand of the crowd, the precise advertising can obtain higher benefits, so the integrated network service based on 5G is born.

People's demand for the network is more and more high; High-speed bandwidth and a large amount of traffic to meet People's Daily life is required. Mobile buses cannot deploy wired networks, 4G networks cannot meet the needs of modern people for Internet speed, and frequent switching of base stations during the operation of cars will lead to the decline of Internet quality. At the same time, accurate advertising is needed for people of all classes.5G's large bandwidth, wide access and low latency can solve these problems.

Hongdian 5G Wi-Fi routers can be used as Wi-Fi hotspots and installed in public transportation vehicles, such as city buses, long-distance buses, tour buses, subways and trains, as well as public places with wide Wi-Fi coverage such as cafes, restaurants, stations, and terminals. System operators can issue Portal authentication through the Hongdian management platform to provide offline Internet services for users, which greatly improves the satisfaction and loyalty of users. At the same time, the system operator can accurately push advertisements to different user groups according to the analysis of user characteristics and online time period. The project creates new mobile Internet channels and business models for bus companies, advertising agencies, mobile operators, advertisers, and surrounding businesses through public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Vehicle Transport Unit
Increase ridership and customer loyalty by providing additional network services to passengers.
AD Agencies
Seize the mobile internet B2C business opportunities.
Push targeted advertisement with higher efficiency and more profit.
Mobile Operators
Increase 5G data network coverage and ultilization and achieve business appreciation.
Build a smart city with mobile internet to enhance the city image and citizen satisfaction.
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