About Hongdian
Who we are?
We are a 5G+AIoT expert and global leading provider of IoT products & solutions, serving 30,000+ customers, and enabling 10,000,000+ deployments in the world. We help our customers create smarter connected products with high quality, 24*7 connectivity, and rock-solid stability performance.
What we do?
We focus on cellular routers, industrial gateways and modems, edge computing devices, 5G CPE, cloud software and end-to-end IoT solutions.
Industry Experience
R&D Engineers
30000 +
Industry Customer Recognition
10000 +
Successful Projects
Focusing on IoT market , help customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling
Corporate Culture
Our Vision
Create an intelligent life
Our Mission
Focus on internet of things and application to improve customer decision-making and control ability
Our Value
Strive for innovation and win-win cooperation
Company Milestone
Founded in Shenzhen
1st GPRS DTU Modem inventor and trademark owner in China
Global business division established, successfully entered into southeast Asia market
Founded cloud platform software branch
Enter smart water and connected vehicle market
EMEA market expansion
Well expanded in North America market
China's first 5G industrial-grade CPE released
5G + AI visual recognition solution launched
5G MBB series launched
Hongdian new headquarters established
R&D Capability
Extensive R&D experience
More than 200 R&D engineers, average 15 years of working experience.
Wide range of R&D fields
R&D covers hardware, embedded/application software, industrial design, and other related fields.
In-depth R&D researches
In-depth researches on IoT, Big Data, AI, OS and Sensors, protocols, algorithms, etc.
Significant investment in R&D
Over 15% of annual revenue invested in persuing cutting-edge technologies.
Factory Capacity
Hongdian factory is a wholly-owned subsidiary which has an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 units.
Hardware Inspection
Assembling and Packaging
QC Test
Function Test
Aging Test
Quality Assurance
Repair rate is less than 3000ppm
1500 hours of high temperature and humidity testing in harsh environments
EMC level 4
MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) is up to 100,000 hours
Reliability Environment Laboratory
Reliability Environment Laboratory
Reliability Environment Laboratory
Reliability Environment Laboratory
Quality Certificates
We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our management systems that enables to produce safe and
defect free products while ensuring products and performance will be of customers satisfation.
Quality Certificates
Quality Management System Certificate
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