Automatic Meter Reading

The data reading of traditional electric meter needs manual reading, which is time-consuming and laborious, and has the problems of high error rate and low efficiency. In addition, it takes the risk of allowing employees into your home. Meanwhile, the meter data cannot be read and monitored in real time. So operators are looking for a smart meter solution.


1. Manual reading trouble: Traditional meters need to read data manually, which consumes manpower and time.

2. Low efficiency: traditional meter reading requires traversing various regions for data collection, which affects work efficiency.

3. Inconsistent data standards: The inconsistent standards of electricity meter data lead to different data management and measurement methods, and it is difficult to form unified and comparable data.

4. Data security problems: Traditional electricity meter data is usually recorded in paper format, which is easy to cause data leakage and loss, bringing risks to data security.

5. Fake data problem: Meter reading data has the possibility of malicious interference, resulting in the appearance of fake data.


Hongdian provides DTUs based on the IoT technology to provide network services for devices. Using the IoT technology, electricity meters can be connected to the cloud service platform to realize remote meter reading, and electricity meter data can be captured through the network for real-time monitoring and collection, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. The DTU includes a variety of data acquisition protocols, RS232 and RS485 interfaces for easy connection to a wide variety of meters and controllers.

High Efficiency
Industrial modem adopts communication technology to realize efficient data acquisition and transmission.
Cloud Management
Through the platform for data processing and analysis, improve the accuracy and reliability of data acquisition and processing.
High Reliability
Reliable communication protocols and protection measures are adopted to ensure data security and confidentiality.
High Flexibility
The device adopts modular design and expansibility, small and easy to install.
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