New Product Launch: Hongdian RedCap 5G Industrial Gateway

May 22,2023

As one of the first batch 5G RedCap Industrial Alliance members, relying on the platform resources, Hongdian has taken the lead in launching a low cost, low delay, low power consumption and small size RedCap 5G Industrial Intelligent Gateway. It fully supports 5G native capabilities such as 5G multi-DNN slicing, 5G LAN, high-precision B-code timing, and can meet the requirements of low latency in medium-high speed scenarios. Meanwhile, it can ease the pressure of 5G cost and power consumption, and meet the application scenarios such as industrial automation, industrial equipment operation and maintenance, PLC cooperative control, AGV/AMR interconnection, power differential protection, and power distribution network automation.

RedCap has rich application scenarios and development space, and will also become a core technical capability of 5G IoT. In the future, Hongdian will join hands with industrial partners to build a leading technology base, incubate a full-stack product system and build a win-win business ecology.

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